# L09-VSCG-WW00

Scalable virtual network controller for service providers and large enterprises. WiFi is faced with growing challenges in delivering high-performance and reliable WiFi. Enterprises must meet consumer needs for high-density, flexibility, cost efficiency, and the ability to serve multiple branches. The Ruckus virtual SmartZone – High Scale (vSZ-H) is a virtualized WLAN controller solution that meets these demands.




  • Enables quick views of the health of the network, APs, connected devices, and alerts
  • Provides detailed views of the AP status and client data

Remote Troubleshooting

  • Speeds problem resolution across multiple sites with easy drill-down menus
  • Enables IT to perform troubleshooting commands from the cloud

Simplified Deployment

  • Accelerates large-scale deployments by configuring APs in groups.
  • Simplifies configuration by applying consistent configurations and firmware to a group of APs
  • Offers flexible one-click firmware upgrades for all APs or a group of APs, using a cloud-hosted firmware server


  • Creates scheduled or on-demand network and security reports
  • Delivers PCI-compliance reports for compliance

One-Click Provisioning

  • Downloads AP configurations from the cloud automatically
  • Requires no local IT support; any person onsite can plug in and power up the APs

3+1 Clustering

  • Built-in scalability and reliability supporting service fault tolerance.

Single- and Multi-Tenant

  • The flexibility of deploying a single or multi-tenant solution to address enterprise and MSP requirements.

Smart Licensing

  • Simply port licenses from other SmartZone platforms to adapt your WiFi network to your business needs.

Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) Location Based Services

  • Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) Location Based Services The industry’s first cloud-based location technology enabling service providers and enterprises to deliver a wide range of LBS applications.

Smartway Bonjour Gateway Support

  • Zero-configuration service that supports client access to services like Apple’s AirPlay, AirPrint, and other mDNS products like ChromeCast across VLANs and subnets.

Hotspot 2.0 Release 2

  • WiFi offloading with network discovery and carrier authentication using 802.1X/EAP as a service.

Thông số kỹ thuật:

Tính năng Thông số
Number of APs supported 1,024 / 3K with cluster
Number of switches supported Up to 200 / 600 with cluster
Clients 25K / 60K per cluster
Ethernet ports 1 vNIC
Authentication support 802.1x, Local database,
Active Directory, RADIUS, LDAP
Guest networking/captive portal Yes
DHCP server External or vSZ-D assigned
AP discovery and control L2 / L3
SSID/WLAN support 2,048
Management Interface Web GUI, SCI
Remote Management Yes
Management protocol(s) SNMP v3
VLAN support Dynamic VLANs
Data Plane Tunneling or local breakout
Power supply N/A
Fans N/A
SKU/Part number L09-VSCG-WW00